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We value what you value.

Like most companies, we have values. Unlike most companies, our values let our customers know what they can expect every time they rent a vehicle from us. Our values also let you know exactly what to expect as an employee at one of our brands. Our values are at the root of everything we do as a company and everything you'll do when you join us.

Our Values:

  • Our brands are the most valuable thing we own
  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success
  • Customer service is our way of life
  • Our company is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules
  • We work hard...and reward hard work
  • Great things happen when we our customers and to each other
  • We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time
  • Our doors are open

Jack Taylor Founding Values Award:

Started in 2003, The Jack Taylor Founding Values Award honors our individual operations that truly live the company's founding values. We want to recognize our people who put the founding values to work every day. Every regional group submits an entry, and the number of winners is limited only by each team's dedication to outstanding results.