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What’s a career at Enterprise Holdings all about? Taking care of people. Since we opened our doors 60 years ago, our singular focus has been supporting each other, so we can best serve our customers and grow our brands. It’s a simple idea that leads to amazing careers for those who choose to join our global team.

When you join Enterprise Holdings in Canada, you’re joining a team that’s focused on empowerment, results and growth. We believe in paving the way for employees to achieve ambitious career goals as they receive robust real-world, hands-on training. When you’re part of our team, you’re part of a tight-knit family that considers your success everyone’s success.

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A legacy of success you can build on.

From the very beginning, Enterprise Holdings has been a family. Founded by Jack Taylor in 1957, we’ve always operated under a simple philosophy – “Take care of your customers and your employees first, and growth and profits will follow.” 60 years later, the Taylor family continues to do things Jack’s way. And like most families, we’ve gone through some changes. We’ve added to our portfolio of brands. We’re more deeply rooted in our communities. We’ve expanded to a global stage. And we’re proud to have become the largest transportation service provider in the world.

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